Just a picture

The Churchville water tower as seen from the south (over 490) at about 1500'.

A couple years ago I was flying with a good friend. I rarely go anywhere without my camera, and this day was no exception. We did a pass over the Village of Churchville and I snapped this shot. I did some contrast and tone changes in Photoshop.

The Churchville water tower as seen from the south (over 490) at about 1500′.

I was surprised by the comments such a simple picture generated. The water tower owned by the Monroe County Water Bureau has been there for many years. You can easily see it from 490 and most places around town. It’s a part of the infrastructure. It often fascinates me when a fairly benign image gathers no moss on social media. I wonder why people like something so ubiquitous in our landscape.

Perhaps it’s the angle, not many people have the luxury of going on local flights and seeing things from this view. I count myself as a lucky guy to be able to take these flights. I try to capture landmarks and the like from the air to share the experience with people.

I love the magical and mechanical wonder of flight. For man to escape the bond of the earth and see the world which we live in from a different vantage point and the seemingly time warp of making from LeRoy to Dansville in 20 minutes. It is a miracle  – that of manned flight. I think of all the people that attempted this before the Wrights and Mr. Sikorsky showed the world it was possible.