Ticks and Lyme

Ticks are well out of their hibernation and attaching themselves to everything. These creatures can spread Lyme disease which you nor your outdoor friends want. This year like last has a forecast of increased population of them. They are hibernating better through our winters and reproducing further north. They are not just limited to lower extremities – they can make their way to any part of your body before they drill through your skin for your blood. Some people think that using tweezers is a good method to rid yourself of them – which is possible. Although if you squeeze any part of their body or head, they will essentially vomit back into the host along with the disease. Cornell would like you to mail in the ticks for examination, but your doctor can test you for Lyme with your blood or urine. I found these awesome little tools for less than $5 to really easily remove them. Here is a link to Cornell as well.


Get outside, but be safe!