The tractor pulls – the old fashioned way.

Back in the 40’s and 50’s farm tractors became more affordable, and replaced the horse drawn implements that turned the soil and put food on our tables. To many peoples surprise, tractors from those days are still alive and well, and still being used on farms. They are reliable, and can turn the PTO for various tasks at the farm.

For a few years now, the Clifton Fire Department has hosted a small tractor pull that only allows these vintage machines, all in stock form to stop by on the first weekend of August during their carnival. Nearly everyone knows everyone else there and the bleachers and side of the track are filled with lawn chairs and generations of farmers and friends.

As the commentator said, no one wins a thing. “You leave with the same nickel in your pocket you came with”. Guys volunteer to move the drag back and forth and safety crew. It’s an easy going time for this largely agricultural community to spend some time catching up with each other.

Next time you look at the dinner on your table, make sure you know it was grown and harvested by a farmer. They put in long days and nights so we all may fill our tummies from the which the earth provides and the farmers are the caretakers of the land.   

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