About John

Welcome to yet another rendition of my ongoing saga of a presence in the digital world. My first site was created back in ’03 in Dreamweaver with the tutelage of a guy named AJ. Since then, I have attempted several times to reincarnate the first version that I was most happy with.

Apart from that, you will find me reading, playing the part of a NYS paramedic, a blogger for the southwest portion of Monroe County, NY on the Democrat and Chronicle website (links provided here when I write them), a photojournalist, occasionally as a mechanic/fabricator and lover of all things mechanical including snowmobiles, motorcycles, rat rods and working towards my private pilot’s license. Oh yeah, don’t forget Jeeps, with the JK being my favorite.

Red Jalopy was coined by a former coworker and friend when I was educated on the slang term of a winter beater also known as a hooptie. I liked jalopy better, and it refers to the only new truck I ever owned and my parents helped me purchase from Barnard Chevrolet back in ’91. It now sits dilapidated¬†in a yard rusting away.

In this electronic space you will see stories I find not suitable for the blog, and too long for my Facebook page. I will also post cool links, things to do, and generally a good way to waste 20 minutes of your time. Follow me on Twitter for interesting articles I find. Have a good story you want me to tell? Let me know. I love journalism, in many respects.

I should also mention that I have spent nearly my entire life in public safety. 25 years a volunteer firefighter attaining the rank of captain, and as a NYS paramedic. I also hold national and state certifications as Fire Service Instructor I, HazMat Specialist, Fire Investigator II Fire Officer I, a certified search and rescue volunteer for the DEC, and a NYS Motor Vehicle Inspector.

Hope you become informed and enjoy your time.