Yeah, I gotta guy…

Every now and then someone asks you if you know someone who performs a service or sells a product. Word of mouth is the best advertising and here you will find the people that I trust, and who do good work. I believe in them and they won’t rip you off. Living and working in the Genesee Valley for my entire life I have discovered top quality service without getting ripped off. Below you will find the people that I go to for these things. If you have a question or suggestion, send me an email.

Coffee Shop – By far the best for several reasons. It’s an Indie themed shop that has a bike night on Thursday’s. It is in the newly renovated Chili Paul Plaza, and the owners have a great staff and customer service. They select the coffees, cookies, menu, and other goodies personally.  Leaf and Bean Coffee Co.

Vehicle Service and Repair – Well, my go to guy went out of business. The other go to guy would be Mark Bushman at M & J Mobile Repair. He is an old soul, loves his 50’s themed shop and creates some excellent hot rods. He is only open four days now, but rest assured, he will treat you right. he doesn’t have a website or Facebook. 3452 Union St, North Chili, NY 14514, +15855949892,  Map

Need a plumber? One call will get you all squared away with plumbing and heating by calling Clark Wentworth. (585) 254-8000

Need some custom t-shirts, hats or jackets? Match Play Custom Apparel is the place to go. In-house artist, screen printing, embroidery and the like.

Need custom hardwoods milled? Perhaps stakes for the snowplow man or surveying. See Patrick over at LeWalter Hardwoods via Facebook.

I was always told you need a good barber. Well, mine retired when I was just a lad, and pretty much since then I have been getting my follicles shortened by Shannon over at Hairitage Salon

Recently one of the springs on my overhead garage door broke. It was all I could do to get it open so dad could get his car out. One phone call and two hours later, everything was better than new. If you need garage door work, openers and the like, give Rico a call. Monroe Overhead Door via Facebook.

Lawns and snow plowing in the Churchville-Chili area give Mark Pimm a call. He mows and trims in the summer, and plows in the winter. 585-755-8999. Pimm’s Lawn and Snow (via Facebook)

This next one is just incredible. Johnstone and Bianchi Enhanced Flooring Concepts (via Facebook) takes concrete to an entirely new level. I love the concrete countertops that are starting to appear, but who knew you could do what these guys do to concrete.

Florist. Whether you are just starting to court a new girl, surprise your wife, or any special occasion, flowers of any variety seem to make someone feel special. A ceremony of happiness and joy at a wedding, or mourning the loss of a loved one not with us any longer. If you messed up and need to say “I’m sorry” I would highly recommend Justice Florist. Always top notch arrangements, expert advice, and quality flowers.  Follow the florist that’s been in business for over a century on  Facebook.

Signs, business cards, postcards and the like. This guy Tony, well, he does it old school. He uses vintage letterpress equipment and hand sets all of his work. It is top of the line work, and it has such a feel when you put the item in your hand that you can’t help but feel nostalgic for days gone by. The ink and the paper have this unique but pleasant smell. A truly fantastic way to keep what was once the only way to have anything printed, to an art form. Visit Tony in the Hungerford Building. Type High Letterpress 

Learning Welding and such. Would you like to learn how to weld, melt glass and hammer iron? This place has a state of the art facility to teach you those things. Excellent staff too! RocAFC

Pet Grooming – No other place to go than Erin’s Professional Pet Grooming (via Facebook)

Solar Energy –  I met this guy Glen Steed while I was shooting a package with Josh at WHEC for the weather segment. He was equipping a winery with lots of solar panels. Very knowledgeable and accommodating for our story. He was even using Goal Zero panels to charge his cell phone! Anyway, if you are looking to go solar, this would be my first call. And for my firefighting friends, he said he also presents to FD’s who want to know about them for vertical ventilation and how to disconnect them. One hell of a guy.  – Steed Energy

Want to try fishing and want to catch fish? Might I suggest Wide Sky Fly Fishing. Jessie is the owner and is also a member of the Seth Green chapter of Trout Unlimted. Check him out at Wide Sky Fly Fishing.

Need some power washing done. CRC Power Washing (via Facebook) owned and operated by Ron Coyle. honest and trustworthy with years of experience. 585-392-1961 or 585-820-1925

Masonry Work – My high school classmate and 2nd generation mason Lee Ziegler of L&L Masonry is your guy. He’s as honest as the day is long and does exceptional work. Call him at 585-329-1118

Plumbing, heating and coolingLook no further than Clark’sMechanical Contracting. He is a long time friend that has done a couple repairs and saved me money on things I didn’t need. Quick, neat and professional. Honest and friendly, he goes out of his way for people. 

Paving – The Pikuet family has been around for generations in the Town of Chili. They used to have a road named for them. Anyway, Pikuet and Son Paving Inc. (via Facebook) has done all kinds of work, and insist on going it right. They did our driveway over 30 years ago and it’s still in good condition. 

In the autumn air we all love something to do outside. You can stop by Kelly’s Farm Market – (via Facebook) in Hilton for all sorts of goodies. Pick your own apples, but some apples, and anything made with apples. They also have a large assortment of pumpkins.

Need pumpkins in a different experience or the local farmer? You gotta stay with the Ford Farm Market operated by the Swain’s. He spends all year growing a large crop, plus some extra large ones that his wife carves into themes each year. Facebook, Website

Need uniforms? A local nurse and FF/paramedic wife took the reigns at Code Two in Victor. They are in the process of expanding after acquiring a new store. Check them out!

Need Printing? Eagle Graphics is a family owned printer that does your job the right way. They have been in the business for decades and stay with the times.

As a photographer I cannot stress this enough. if you want your images printed, don’t use your home printer know matter how good you think it is. Lumiere Photo in the city has a couple awesome people that can totally recreate an torn up or damaged image, print them, and frame it anyway you like. They also can offer their professional opinion on what is best for these memories you need to preserve.

Trees. I love trees and they help offset our carbon footprint, but sometimes they need to come down. I played in little league with Tim and we went to high school together, but he is very good and safe at his job. masterful work. Contact Tim’s Tree Service. (via Facebook)

For the fishing enthusiast, might I recommend the best landing nets made. Attention to detail, locally sourced wood, and environmentally conscious, Streamwalker nets are simply the best. Lief puts heart and soul into them.

Need windows or walls moved, altered, added or deleted? Dave is very meticulous when it comes to being a craftsman, and he is a craftsman in every way.
David uses his attention to details and perfection in photography as well. He shoots all manner of events. Contact him through David Arilotta Photography.

Electrician. With the increase in electronics in the house, you might need some things added or repaired. M & A Electric Co. out of Scottsville is your guy. Give Morrie a ring at 585-330-9933 or email him at Morrrie821@hotmail.

Transmissions. Every now and then a disaster in your mode of transmission takes place. They are usually expensive to have repaired. I have been using L and L Transmission in Batavia for 30 years. I have zero complaints about them. It might be a little drive from Rochester, but they are the professionals in this field.

Window Tinting. His father started the company and his son took over. They do exceptional work on vehicles and homes and businesses. Lindsay Window Tinting.

Pest Elimination and Control. What can I say, Jasmine and company do excellent work and know their adversaries well. She often does videos to explain what she is doing and why. She educates you to help you in the future. I strongly recommend Exodus Exterminating.

Got Metal? I love welding and making stuff. Sometimes I just need a few pieces of something. Sometimes I need them cut to size. They sell by the pound and they have lots of drops. SMC Metals can have your order ready ahead of time. All kinds of people and shops order from there.

Need metal fabrication. Look no further than Matt Hull out of Brockport can form and fabricate just about anything. From repairing and adding to trucks, ramps, and staircases, and everything in between. He has a CNC table and everything else he needs. Excellent work ethic and high quality. MSH Fabrication (via Facebook)

Maybe you have some items that you would like engraved. Flash Point Customs can take care of your needs. One or 100, they can get it done for you. A bunch of good guys with the latest in engraving. Give them a call for specifics.

Bed Lining and Undercoating
This topic comes up a little and I have done a lot of research and read reviews and the like. I highly recommend using Line-X for spray in bed linings. It is a better product and is lifetime warrantied across the country. It can be colored to match your paint and can be used to coat other parts of your vehicle. I even had my stainless water bottle coated! The guy that operates it knows what he is doing and has heavy attention to details.
The other thing is undercoating. Lots of people like to use Ziebart. They were the first nationwide undercoating company. Their product is a tar like substance. Yes, they offer free touch ups every year. This is a coating that covers the parts that are sprayed. When a piece chips off, all of the road grime can get in there and then it will be sealed in when they touch it up. Line-X of Rochester uses and oil based product called Carwell. It actually creeps into all of the nooks and crannies and actually displaces the rust. Yes, it should be done every year. But every consecutive application helps eliminate rust and eventually saturates the metal. This includes all of the components like brake lines and fittings, fuel tanks and inside your doors. The other type of undercoating is wax or film based like Fluid Film. It does not have the longevity of the oil based products, but is better than the tar based ones like Ziebart. I take a lot of pride in my vehicles, and want them to out last the payment book by a long time. This little bit of maintenance is worth every penny, and it only takes an hour or so to get done.
Line-X of Rochester
Line-X of Rochester Facebook